Zoning Time

Neihu, Taipei City

*Top Prize of the New Talent Award of the Taiwan National Gold Award for Architecture

Since the Internet has been introduced to man’s life, electronic spaces are gradually incorporated into physical spaces within contemporary cities. The traditional sense of the program and function of the city and architecture can no longer cope with the “invisible” city that substantially transforms people’s everyday life. Distance is diminished; the boundaries between those assigned functions and programs are dissolved; the notion of time is blurred. However, the physical spaces and most labors’ everyday life still remained rigid and inescapable.

The aim of this project is to unfold a new city life which involved economic, social, cultural and physical transformation. Through re-imaging the social structure of Taipei under the notion of telecommunication future, the new prototype of city space can intervene and transform the existing city structure, dissolves the distinctive line of working hours, offices, and dwellings. It brings up a new scheme of “plug-in city,” but it is in the scale of man. IKEA’s showroom concept is expanded and employed in this project. The modular furniture and spaces are adjustable for singles or groups like telecommuters, freelancers or normal employees. With different programs that are associated with users’ everyday life, it creates an unrestrained fluidity of time and space that are tailored with the existing urban fabric.

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