A Room of Beatrix Potter's Own

Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois

The name of the project is borrowed from the title of Virginia Woolf’s 1929 book “A Room of One’s Own.” As the name indicates, this project is about the making of a living space for Beatrix Potter, the English writer, illustrator, ecologist and conservationist best known for her imaginative children’s book The Tale of Peter Rabbit which celebrated the British landscape and country life.

In order to render such a vivid personality, through reading of her works and biographies, the project is trying to creating a house as the extension of her body and thoughts, which is just like her clothes. Miss Potter, on the one hand, likes to live with her daydreams and fantasies with animals and believes social life is only the external part of her life. However, as an author, on the other hand, the social life is the sources of inspiration for stories and plots. These needs are embodied in her work, which are a synthesis of the animals and the human behaviors of country life.

The house is a device that filters the views, sounds and creatures from the outer and inner world, then rearrange those elements into the sequence of Miss Potter’s everyday life, from social to personal, which repeats itself but at the same time mutates little by little.

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