A Dream Play

Prague, Czech

Collaborator: Buzz Wei, Yu-Hsiang Lin

*OISTAT 8th Theatre Architecture Competition

The site of this competition is designated at the St. Anna’s Church, Old Town of Prague, Czech Republic, which had been built between 1313 and 1330. August Strindberg’s critical play, A Dream Play, inspires this project. Its scenario is about the daughter of the Vedic god Indra descends to the Earth to bear witness to problem and miseries of human beings. The scenario and scenes of A Dream Play are somehow fragmented and scattered as a representation of the form of dreams.

Going to a Theater is like experiencing a sequence of dream-like events, too. First, audiences enter a huge dark room to be disconnected from time, then the emerging images and sounds can be gradually comprehended and transformed into the structure of a new world. Theater buildings are devices of dream.

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